Bulgaria’s Last Narrow Gauge Train published in New York Times

Hilton’s photo essay Bulgaria’s Last Narrow Gauge Train was featured in The New York Times “World Through A Lens”. An elderly Bulgarian dairy farmer is among the small group of people who rely on this historic train to get her goods to market. For nearly a century, this little train has cross the Rhodope mountains, connecting people and livelihoods across a series of remote mountain villages and towns. But the trainline is losing money and is in constant danger of being shut down, like numerous narrow gauge lines taken out of service in recent years . But hope has come from the efforts of a couple of young train enthusiasts who have devoted themselves to saving the trainline, which they consider a national treasure. 

Refugee Shoes published in Zeit

My series of photographs of shoes found on the shores of Lesvos in 2015 were featured in an article in the German weekly newspaper Zeit, in conjunction with a story The Invisible Deaths of Children. 

“Nobody knows how many minors die while fleeing. Researchers have now counted cases for the first time. From 2014 to 2018, at least 678 children drowned in the Mediterranean. These are only those whose death became known because survivors and witnesses could report it. In fact, many more children have died, say the experts. Almost 1,600 children worldwide died during the four years under investigation. 40 of them in the middle of Europe.” 

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