Holiday Print Sale $100 Special

Prints from the Series "Kalasha of Pakistan" will be available in time for the holidays. They are 8" x 12" images printed on 11 x 14" museum quality archival paper, custom printed at Pitch Black in West Concord, Massachusetts. The Kalash are a small ethno-religious minority who believe they are descended from the armies of Alexander the Great who crossed the region more than 2000 years ago. Unlike the conservative religious Islamic majority who live in the volatile region near the Afghan border, Kalash is a woman-centered society which gives considerable freedom to its members. Wynn Maggi's book, "Our Women are Free" describes a society which allows young people freedom to pick their own mate, to divorce and for women to inherit and own land. Women mostly leave their hair uncovered and traditional colorful dresses are worn everyday, whereas the Kalash men dress in the fashion of the greater region, except for their specific type of felted hat, which is typical for the region. I spent only three days in the Kalash village, but still dream of going back and revisiting these open-hearted and unusual people whose numbers are in constant decline. Pick up your unframed prints at Pitch Black in Concord or have them shipped anywhere in the US for $15. Framed prints available upon request.  For information email

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